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February 4, 2023


An ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream.

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Hi. I am Yuuta Liang, a computer and electronics enthusiast. I am currently a first year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia.

  1. Born: September, 2003
  2. Locations: Vancouver, Beijing
  3. Languages: English, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)
  4. Pronouns: they / she
  5. Contact: yuuta at yuuta.moe (See the the Contact section below)

1 whoami(1)

Current interests:

  1. Circuit design, FPGA, and CPU
  2. Operating system design
  3. System administration and network engineering
  4. Amateur radio
  5. Classical Chinese and Chinese history, too!

2 Suki

  1. Animes: CLANNAD, Patema Inverted
  2. Music Producers (VOCALOID yes): MIMI, Orangestar, Ceui, Mili
  3. Games: Minecraft, osu!standard (follow me: Yuuta_Liang)
  4. Friends: On my blog

You may find my watch list at AniList or bgm.tv.

3 Sites

  1. https://git.yuuta.moe: CGit server
  2. https://mastodon.yuuta.moe: Mastodon instance
  3. https://chat.yuuta.moe: Synapse instance
  4. https://blog.yuuta.moe: Blog
  5. https://www.yuuta.network: YuutaNet (AS142281)
  6. https://mail.yuuta.moe: Mail server

4 Contact

  1. PGP: 5D5BD2BB606BE4B60714162307000ADCB05A5BC4, also available on Ubuntu keyserver.
  2. Email: yuuta at yuuta.moe (Primary) or trumeetc at gmail.com (Alternative)
  3. Matrix: @yuuta:yuuta.moe
  4. Fediverse: @yuuta@yuuta.moe
  5. Telegram: REDACTED Use Matrix instead.
  6. GitHub: @Trumeet Use https://git.yuuta.moe instead.
  7. Twitter: @NeoTrumeet Use Fediverse instead.
  8. Bilibili: @0x576174757559 (Read only)
  9. Zhihu: @0x576174757559 (Read only)

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