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February 4, 2023


An ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream.

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Hi. I am Yuuta Liang (a.k.a. YuutaW / Trumeet), a computer and electronics enthusiast. I am currently a first year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia.

  1. Born: September, 2003
  2. Locations: Vancouver, Beijing
  3. Languages: English, Mandarin (Simplified Chinese)
  4. Pronouns: she / her (MtF), learn more at pronouns.page. Misgender will result in ban.
  5. Contact: yuuta at yuuta.moe (See the the Contact section below)


I love to explore how computer systems work and do low-level stuff.

Current interests:

  1. Analog and digital circuit design
  2. FPGA
  3. Operating system design
  4. Computer architecture and CPU design
  5. System administration
  6. Network engineering

There are too much for me to learn, so I will take them bit by bit.

Current and past projects and skills:

  1. Android dev w/ Java (2016 to 2020)
  2. POSIX dev w/ C (2020 to now)
  3. Unix "hacking" and admin (2019 to now)
  4. Windows dev w/ C# (2013 to 2016)
  5. Analog circuit design (2013 to 2016)
  6. Networking stuff: BGP, OSPF, VPN, ASN (2021 to now)
  7. vSphere homelab (2020 to now)
  8. Windows admin (2019 to now)

For my full list of projects and past experience, please view my resume.

2 Suki

  1. Animes: CLANNAD, Patema Inverted
  2. Music Producers: MIMI, Orangestar, nogumi, PinocchioP, Ceui, Mili, REOL, YOASOBI
  3. Singers: Akie 秋絵
  4. Games: Minecraft, osu!standard (follow me: Yuuta_Liang), 千恋万花, 恋爱绮谭
  5. Characters: Fuko Ibuki (My profile photo!), Hatsune Miku
  6. Friends: On my blog

You may find my watch list at AniList or bgm.tv.

3 Sites

  1. https://git.yuuta.moe: CGit server
  2. https://mastodon.yuuta.moe: Mastodon instance
  3. https://chat.yuuta.moe: Synapse instance
  4. https://blog.yuuta.moe: Blog
  5. https://www.yuuta.network: YuutaNet (AS142281)
  6. https://ymc.moe: My Minecraft server
  7. alice.yuuta.moe: Shared Unix server
  8. fuko.yuuta.moe: Shared Windows server
  9. https://mail.yuuta.moe: Mail server
  10. https://vdi.yuuta.moe: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services server

4 Contact

  1. PGP: 5D5BD2BB606BE4B60714162307000ADCB05A5BC4, also available on Ubuntu keyserver.
  2. Email: yuuta at yuuta.moe (Primary) or trumeetc at gmail.com (Alternative)
  3. Matrix: @yuuta:yuuta.moe
  4. Fediverse: @yuuta@yuuta.moe
  5. Telegram: REDACTED Use Matrix instead.
  6. GitHub: @Trumeet Use https://git.yuuta.moe instead.
  7. Twitter: @NeoTrumeet Use Fediverse instead.

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